Akaka Falls

See the World for Free

The idea here is to TRAVEL THE WORLD regardless of time or budget. It dawned on me one day that even if I had unlimited time and money (which I definitley do not), I still couldn't see everything in the world that I'd like to see--I'm simply not going to live long enough to do it.

But I had a bit of brain wave and soon after the travel envelope was born. This is an actual physical envelope. I typed the name of every country in the world, plus every state in the US on little slips of paper which I then put into the envelope. In the beginning we (myself, my husband, Dave and daugher Catherine) would draw out a slip at random at the beginning of the month and that's where we would go---at least in our minds. We grab some books about the country from the library and put them in our bathroom to look at. We also check out some videos about the country if any. We check it out on googleearth, listen to the music, try the food, maybe even attempt to learn a dance or celebrate a festival.

After the first two years we discovered that even virtual traveling can be tiring, so we travel now whenever I happen to be in the mood.

It's great fun. I especially love it when people I meet have been to the place I'm "visiting" in real life, or get excited and have some virtual adventures of their own. I hope that anyone who comes across this blog will feel welcome to come with us on the trip!

You have a standing reservation to see it all!

Jul 12, 2012

Ultimate Honeymoon

As if these islands weren't glamourous enough already. This is where Prince William and Kate went on their honeymoon.
I confess to feeling guilty. I just came from virtual Somalia which is about as wretched as it gets in this world--how can I leave those poor people and just go frolick on the beach?


Snorkeling is probably my all time favorite vacation activity. Bummer that I live in landlocked Utah. Seychelles has 115 island of PERFECT snorkeling. I really think I need to visit Seychelles!!

Although snorkeling is not without its hazards as I've just found out. My friends just came back from their honeymoon in Cancun. Things were great the first three days and then started to go downhill when the bride caught the infamous "Montezuma's Revenge" and also broke her baby toe. Still gamely trying they went on a snorkeling expedition where they were given a special bio-degradable sunblock to wear. The groom had a massive allergic reaction--his poor face swelled up like a balloon, turned bright red and painful and he couldn't see--because his eyes were swollen shut. The bride, who has my kind of sense of humor, made this helpful comment, "Geez, what's the deal here? You get married and think you can just let yourself go? Look at yourself!"

I'll risk it. Even swelling up in Seychelles sounds like a dream.