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See the World for Free

The idea here is to TRAVEL THE WORLD regardless of time or budget. It dawned on me one day that even if I had unlimited time and money (which I definitley do not), I still couldn't see everything in the world that I'd like to see--I'm simply not going to live long enough to do it.

But I had a bit of brain wave and soon after the travel envelope was born. This is an actual physical envelope. I typed the name of every country in the world, plus every state in the US on little slips of paper which I then put into the envelope. In the beginning we (myself, my husband, Dave and daugher Catherine) would draw out a slip at random at the beginning of the month and that's where we would go---at least in our minds. We grab some books about the country from the library and put them in our bathroom to look at. We also check out some videos about the country if any. We check it out on googleearth, listen to the music, try the food, maybe even attempt to learn a dance or celebrate a festival.

After the first two years we discovered that even virtual traveling can be tiring, so we travel now whenever I happen to be in the mood.

It's great fun. I especially love it when people I meet have been to the place I'm "visiting" in real life, or get excited and have some virtual adventures of their own. I hope that anyone who comes across this blog will feel welcome to come with us on the trip!

You have a standing reservation to see it all!

Jul 11, 2010

Heavy Books and Hiking

The library let us down a bit where Liechtenstein is concerned.  I only found one mention in a Switzerland travel guide.  However, I WAS able to order a book of artistic masterpieces collected by the princes of the country.  The book is bound in green cloth and weighs about 40 pounds.  It looks magnificent on the coffee table.  I did browse through it once and the masterpieces are indeed, masterful--but it's just too darn heavy and imposing for lighthearted flipping through.  No matter!  I have cooked up another scheme to explore Liechtenstein.  Since the whole country is only 15 miles long, I thought we could "hike" the country.  What we'll probably do is a series of three hikes that total 15 miles over 2 days.  None of us are hikers or campers, and it is the middle of July, but  ignorance is the backbone of adventure--so I'm not seeing any problem with this scheme today.