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See the World for Free

The idea here is to TRAVEL THE WORLD regardless of time or budget. It dawned on me one day that even if I had unlimited time and money (which I definitley do not), I still couldn't see everything in the world that I'd like to see--I'm simply not going to live long enough to do it.

But I had a bit of brain wave and soon after the travel envelope was born. This is an actual physical envelope. I typed the name of every country in the world, plus every state in the US on little slips of paper which I then put into the envelope. In the beginning we (myself, my husband, Dave and daugher Catherine) would draw out a slip at random at the beginning of the month and that's where we would go---at least in our minds. We grab some books about the country from the library and put them in our bathroom to look at. We also check out some videos about the country if any. We check it out on googleearth, listen to the music, try the food, maybe even attempt to learn a dance or celebrate a festival.

After the first two years we discovered that even virtual traveling can be tiring, so we travel now whenever I happen to be in the mood.

It's great fun. I especially love it when people I meet have been to the place I'm "visiting" in real life, or get excited and have some virtual adventures of their own. I hope that anyone who comes across this blog will feel welcome to come with us on the trip!

You have a standing reservation to see it all!

Feb 10, 2011

Unromantic Saudi

Welcome--sort of--to Saudi Arabia!! 

I'm sure I'll discover all kinds of wonderful things, but the first thing I found without even looking was that Saudi Arabia had made the aol's list of top ten most unromantic places on earth.  Seems reasonable--major segregation over there.  There is a picture of a man and a woman standing at a McDonald's with a partition between them.  Also, my co-worker, Candy's parents taught there for a few years.  They loved it, but if anyone dared to walk around holding hands people would spit on them.  So--maybe not the place to go for Valentine's day.


2015 Poland Trip.

Several years after our visit to virtual Poland, we got to see the real thing! Even better, the conference that Dave attended (which was the reason we got to go), was located in Wroclaw, which used to be called Bresslau. That's where my mother is from!! We had a wonderful time. To see the record of our adventures there, take a look under the Study Abroad Link. The Polish part of the trip was from June 18 through June 27.  The reason this Polish trip is under Study Abroad is that Catherine spent the summer going all over Europe and I kept a record of her adventures. She joined us for this leg of the trip and it seemed to make sense to keep posting under the Study Abroad link. 

Zywiec is a little town in Poland that has a brewery.  But what's really cool about it is that it is the very last entry in the 2002 version of the Encyclopedia Brittanica.  I know this weird bit of trivia because I've been reading the book The Know it All by A.J. Jacobs.  Highly recommend the book!  AJ reads the encyclopedia from A-Z--a mammoth undertaking not without problems!  The book is arranged in alphabetical order and is hilarious reading.  It's a nifty little coincidence that I finished his book which ended in Poland just as I finished my virtual journey there.